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The flag of Finland


By creating a unique design, which was very friendly to users, HammasOskari had a brand new image and a large boost in customer confidence. The website was built on WordPress – the primary CMS used by Marffa developers – for simple content management and secure hosting.

The overall functionality of the website was improved addressing the needs of the users, and the new booking system was easy to use and navigate. We distinguished the clinic from the existing competitors and gave it an additional competitive advantage. All these efforts had a significant impact on the conversion rate resulting in higher contact rates and an increase in online booking conversions.

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outdated website small
Outdated Website Design

The design of the website was outdated and inefficient, which reduced the level of trust and number of conversions. It also has slow loading times and was not optimized for mobile and other devices.

no booking system small
No Streamlined
Booking System

The online dentist booking system used by most dental clinics in Finland and Hammasoskari Oy was too complex so users preferred a phone booking.

competitions small
Competing With Established Clinics

Hammasoskari Oy was a new clinic, which was difficult to compete with the old and popular clinics at the time.


Solution 01 - Marffa Project

Complete redesign of the website with guarding the age of the target audience and adaptation to these parameters. Made it responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure that the website allows users to have a great user experience on all devices.

Solution 02 - Marffa Project

The overall navigation of the website was re-structured to be more intuitive as well as easier to use. We made sure the navigation bars and menus were clearly labeled and properly organized.

Solution 03 - Marffa Project

We created a custom widget for appointment booking with the most effective design and functionality using Reach JS. This widget was designed to be easy to use and understand, so users could easily book appointments online without complex forms.

Solution 04 - Marffa Project

We have implemented best practices for website security and performance. Moreover, the page loading speed has been optimized, leading to increased conversions.

Design concept

HammasOskari Website Concept
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0 M €
Business growth by 6 times in 3 years of cooperation.
  • Business Growth from €300k to €1.8m in 3 years of cooperation, while maintaining its profitability and giving independence from investor financial infusions.
  • HammasOskari achieved tangible success due to this project. The website gained popularity, trust was restored and conversions increased, resulting in higher revenues.
  • Traffic to the website increased due to better visibility on search engines.
  • The capacity of online booking systems has increased. The new booking widget has become an invaluable asset for the clinic, with a flow of satisfied customers enabled by improved UX/UI and an effortless booking system.
  • Created the best online booking app in terms of interface and speed of work on the Finnish market.
  • User experience metrics such as page load time and bounce rate improved significantly – page load time was reduced by 50% thanks to increased performance.
UX/UI Design, Branding, Corporate Websites, Apps
Health, Dentistry
Vantaa, Finland
Launch year

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