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The project results proved that the new website has delivered the desired outcomes. The results included increased website visits, a significant boost in sales, and customer satisfaction. With the help of our Marffa team, we also improved the general perception of the brand by providing their customers with an engaging user experience.

In terms of workflow, we designed a separate page with a configurator for custom orders, and an automated system to manage different stages of fulfillment. This allowed for the automatization of order tracking, payment confirmation, notification emails, and more. The Marffa team also provided suggestions on how to optimize their current production process for better results, such as customizing templates for t-shirt printing and customizing the delivery box design.

Overall, the case study demonstrates how the right combination of website design, technology, and marketing allowed Garage Champs to gain a competitive advantage by increasing lead generation and conversion rates.

Garage Champs Website thumbnail - Marffa Project
Garage Champs Website thumbnail mobile version- Marffa Project


Outdated Website Design - Marffa Project
Outdated Website Design

The design of the old website did not completely expose the advantages of Garage Champs over competitors. As a result, it still needed to fully fulfill its role in generating new customers.

Offline Orders - Marffa Project
Offline Orders

Customers were able to make orders only offline or by phone. This reduced the capacity and directions of lead generation.

Finding the right modification - Marffa Project
Finding the right modification

Garage Champs wanted to expand its customer base but were not sure which modification was necessary to promote this goal.


Solution 01 - Marffa Project

Made a complete eye-catching redesign of the website based on the customer’s branding goals.

Solution 02 - Marffa Project

Designed a universal logo for the brand, as well as a unique delivery box to differentiate it from competitors.

Solution 03 - Marffa Project

Created an innovative web platform with a multifunctional t-shirt configurator using REACT JS, enabling customers to customize their t-shirts and make online orders.

Solution 04 - Marffa Project

Developed a complex price calculation algorithm for bulk orders/purchases.

Design concept

Collage of the Garage Champs's pages - Marffa Project
Garage Champs's merch - Marffa Project
Logo Garage Champs - Marffa Project
The mobile mockup Garage Champs - Marffa Project
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Desing concepts Garage Champs - Marffa Project
The Garage Champs image with employee - Marffa Project
404 page Garage Champs - Marffa Project
Wave - Marffa Project

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The Color scheme Garage Champs - Marffa Project


Automate the ordering process without the need to involve a consultant 😍
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  • Increased visibility and accessibility: The new website was optimized for organic search results, bringing in more potential customers for GarageChamps.
  • Increased online conversion rate: After the launch of the new website, the conversion rate of customers has significantly increased due to the enhanced user experience and improved page loading speeds.
  • Improved customer relations: Customers’ feedback positively, as the new website provides them with a convenient and informative way of choosing and ordering items.
  • Increased profits: With the online store, Garage Champs can now generate online revenue, driving its profits significantly.
  • Automated ordering process: There is no need to involve a consultant 90% of the way.
  • Increased brand recognition: The new website design, logo, and delivery box have helped strengthen brand recognition as customers have begun to recognize it more often.
UX/UI Design, Corporate Websites, Apps, E-commerce, Graphic Design, Branding
Business, Fashion
Sacramento, CA, USA
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