Fi Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study presents the successful collaboration between Marffa, our web agency specializing in innovative design solutions, and an undisclosed trust dedicated to supporting Pasifika people.


Holocreators Website cover - Marffa Project

Our experts in Marffa worked closely with Holocreators GmbH to develop a modern website design that provides an optimal user experience in German and English.

SMT Rehab Center

SMT Rehab Center Website cover - Marffa Project

In this website redesign case, Marffa Agency was tasked to help an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, California give their website a makeover. Our goal was to provide our client with an aesthetically pleasing, modern website while finding the middle ground of creating a digital presence that makes their audience feel comfortable and trust their services.
The challenge in this project was twofold. First, we had to create an interface that was easy to use and navigate, while also making sure the structure was organized and consolidated. To address this, we simplified the site’s map and optimized the navigation. Secondly, we had to make sure the content and visuals do not cross any lines that might be insensitive to the target audience. Marffa had to find the optimum balance between displaying realistic visuals while also not pushing the envelope too far.


Dr.Horvath Website cover - Marffa Project

Marffa had the opportunity to work with the team at Dr. Horvath, a first-class provider of dentistry and orthodontic treatments in Germany.


Struu Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study highlights Marffa’s integral contribution in developing a website for the Finnish startup, Struu. The client set out on a mission to transform how influencers and companies approach video content creation. Their cutting-edge app offered a complete toolkit, comprising courses, step-by-step guides, and a powerful editing platform, all aimed at simplifying the content creation workflow.


Qatalys Website cover - Marffa Project

Qatalys is a software company based in Dallas, Texas. The challenge for Marffa was updating the website to improve the user experience and make navigation easier. To achieve the desired results, web analytics, user research, and feedback were heavily included in every step of the redesign process, ensuring a well-thought-out website that truly represented the business.

Marffa’s experience helped to improve the navigation by simplifying the site map and modernizing the look. This resulted in an improved user experience, making the finding and use of information and services faster and easier. The website now has organized categories of services, which can be easily navigated to create a better overall experience. In addition, the website has a more modern and updated look that captures the company’s professional and cutting-edge message of quality and innovation.
We also updated a presentation template to better highlight their products and services. The new design includes a more modern look and feel, with updated imagery and graphics.

FoRest Recovery

Forest recovery cover

For our case study, we set out to help FoRest Recovery to transform the outdated website into an informative, welcoming, and modern space with easy-to-navigate features and beautiful visuals.


RG Fit Website page mobile - Marffa Project

Marffa took up the challenge and performed a comprehensive website redesign project for a well-known functional fitness gym in Jeddah.


Rigus Website cover - Marffa Project

A Ukrainian startup Rigus had a game-changing idea – to make esports competitions interactive and allow users to predict outcomes in real-time, with prizes up for grabs.

Branch Energy

Branch Energy Website Marffa cover

This case study highlights the collaboration between Marffa Agency and Branch Energy, a Houston, Texas-based company, in designing a new website to emphasize their dedication to sustainable energy initiatives.