LevelUp Leads

LevelUp Leads Website Marffa cover

This case study looks at how LevelUp Leads teamed up with Marffa Agency to freshen up their website and improve their position in the market. The primary focus was on redesigning and developing their website to better serve their target audience, ultimately driving more qualified leads.In the end, Marffa developed a beautiful and modern website for Elsmere Education. We managed to maintain their existing brand identity while adapting to a modern design trend. The website had better search engine visibility and improved user experience, and overall it was a great success.


PromoGroup Website cover - Marffa Project

Marffa has been a proud partner of PromoGroup Ireland since 2019, helping them to grow and reach the business objectives and objectives of their clients. At Marffa we have worked in close collaboration with PromoGroup Ireland to design promotional ads, improve the look of their existing branding, and create an efficient workflow that makes the most out of all collaboration.

Garage Champs

Garage Champs Weabsite cover - Marffa Project

The Marffa’s project demonstrates how the website design, technology, and marketing allowed Garage Champs to gain a competitive advantage.


Alifbee Website cover - Marffa Project

This captivating case study unveils the dynamic collaboration between Marffa, an innovative web agency renowned for its creative prowess, and AlifBee, a cutting-edge language learning platform dedicated to teaching Arabic.

The Clarient Group

The Clarient Group Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study showcases the redesign project carried out by the Marffa agency for an engineering consultant, The Clarient Group.

IPO Solutions

IPO Solutions Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study uncovers the inspiring journey of a web agency Marffa as we undertook the ambitious challenge of redesigning a time-honored reward shop with a remarkable 40-year history in the market.

Force of Nature

Force of Nature Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study showcases Marffa’s skills in design and development. Force of Nature has seen a positive impression from our work.

ACE Training

ACE Training Website cover - Marffa Project

Marffa transformed a basic website into a content-managed WordPress website that provided both a professional look and feel and a dynamic UX.

SEO Therapy

SEO Therapy Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study delves into the collaborative journey between SEO Therapy and Marffa Agency, focusing on the creating SEO Therapy’s website.

Easy Care

Easy Care Website cover - Marffa Project

The Easy Care website, created in collaboration with the Marffa agency reflects brand identity and effectively communicates their services to potential customers.The design phase began with wireframing and creating a sitemap to outline the website’s structure and navigation. This step ensured a logical flow of information and optimal user experience. Following that, we created visual design concepts, considering Easy Care’s color scheme, typography, and imagery. The design aimed to convey a professional, trustworthy, and welcoming atmosphere. The website was developed using modern web technologies, adhering to best practices for performance, security, and accessibility. A responsive design approach was adopted to ensure seamless user experience across various devices and screen sizes.
The design and development of the Easy Care website, in collaboration with the Marffa, exemplified the importance of a well-executed and user-centric approach. By conducting thorough research, crafting an appealing design, and implementing essential features, Easy Care successfully achieved their objectives of showcasing their healthcare services.