Elsmere Education

Elsmere Education Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study looks at Marffa’s website redesign process for Elsmere Education, an educational consulting company based in Denver, Colorado.Marffa involved all of the stakeholders to understand the user’s expectations and needs for the website. We did a thorough audit of the existing website and then created user journeys to gain insight into users’ motivations, goals, and behavior. Then we started working on the user interface design reflecting the values and personality of Elsmere Education. Our agency made sure the design was mobile-optimized and enhanced the navigation to meet the user’s needs.
In the end, Marffa developed a beautiful and modern website for Elsmere Education. We managed to maintain their existing brand identity while adapting to a modern design trend. The website had better search engine visibility and improved user experience, and overall it was a great success.

Centre Stage School of the Arts

Centre Stage Website cover - Marffa Project

Centre Stage is a leading performing arts school that offers a range of classes and programs for children. In this case study Marffa focused on the design process of the Centre Stage website, aimed at showcasing their offerings, facilitating online purchases, and providing a seamless user experience.

Ukrainian Lessons

Ukrainian Lessons Website cover - Marffa Project

Ukrainian Lessons is a comprehensive online platform designed to facilitate learning the Ukrainian language. The initial state of the website made it difficult for users to interact with the platform. Outdated design and functionality hindered user engagement, resulting in disappointingly low conversion rates.


Alifbee Website cover - Marffa Project

This captivating case study unveils the dynamic collaboration between Marffa, an innovative web agency renowned for its creative prowess, and AlifBee, a cutting-edge language learning platform dedicated to teaching Arabic.

ACE Training

ACE Training Website cover - Marffa Project

Marffa transformed a basic website into a content-managed WordPress website that provided both a professional look and feel and a dynamic UX.