Garage Champs

Garage Champs Weabsite cover - Marffa Project

The Marffa’s project demonstrates how the website design, technology, and marketing allowed Garage Champs to gain a competitive advantage.

The Clarient Group

The Clarient Group Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study showcases the redesign project carried out by the Marffa agency for an engineering consultant, The Clarient Group.

IPO Solutions

IPO Solutions Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study uncovers the inspiring journey of a web agency Marffa as we undertook the ambitious challenge of redesigning a time-honored reward shop with a remarkable 40-year history in the market.


Holocreators Website cover - Marffa Project

Our experts in Marffa worked closely with Holocreators GmbH to develop a modern website design that provides an optimal user experience in German and English.


Qatalys Website cover - Marffa Project

Qatalys is a software company based in Dallas, Texas. The challenge for Marffa was updating the website to improve the user experience and make navigation easier. To achieve the desired results, web analytics, user research, and feedback were heavily included in every step of the redesign process, ensuring a well-thought-out website that truly represented the business.

Marffa’s experience helped to improve the navigation by simplifying the site map and modernizing the look. This resulted in an improved user experience, making the finding and use of information and services faster and easier. The website now has organized categories of services, which can be easily navigated to create a better overall experience. In addition, the website has a more modern and updated look that captures the company’s professional and cutting-edge message of quality and innovation.
We also updated a presentation template to better highlight their products and services. The new design includes a more modern look and feel, with updated imagery and graphics.