Flowium Website cover - Marffa Project

The case study focuses on how our web agency Marffa has built a trust-worthy relationship with Flowium. Our agency started with optimizing the old website by deleting lots of unnecessary code and improving its website speed to meet the Google PSI. Through innovative strategies and relentless efforts, we were able to improve the design, development, and overall user experience of the website.

Expat Assurance

Expat Assurance Weabsite cover - Marffa Project

The case study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Marffa’s solution and illustrate the company’s growth trajectory thanks to app development.


This case study is about how the charity Dignitas overcame challenges to become even more effective. The foundation started with limited online visibility and faced difficulties in communication and fundraising.

Ukrainian Lessons

Ukrainian Lessons Website cover - Marffa Project

Ukrainian Lessons is a comprehensive online platform designed to facilitate learning the Ukrainian language. The initial state of the website made it difficult for users to interact with the platform. Outdated design and functionality hindered user engagement, resulting in disappointingly low conversion rates.

IPO Solutions

IPO Solutions Website cover - Marffa Project

This case study uncovers the inspiring journey of a web agency Marffa as we undertook the ambitious challenge of redesigning a time-honored reward shop with a remarkable 40-year history in the market.


Holocreators Website cover - Marffa Project

Our experts in Marffa worked closely with Holocreators GmbH to develop a modern website design that provides an optimal user experience in German and English.


Dr.Horvath Website cover - Marffa Project

Marffa had the opportunity to work with the team at Dr. Horvath, a first-class provider of dentistry and orthodontic treatments in Germany.